Oncology is the medicine of cancer. It is a branch of Internal Medicine and covers cancer prevention, clinical diagnostics, treatments and after-treatments.


caba. cares for cancer patients from the diagnosis, helps coordinate the various diagnostics and testings, and offers ambulant chemotherapy treatment, as well as after-treatment and preventative care. caba. also assists with home visits if needed. This concept engenders a personal and confidential longtime relationship with the doctor and caregivers. Nearly all treatments take place at caba.

Oncological Offers

  • oncological counseling
  • diagnostics and coordination of all assessments
  • ambulant tumor treatments
  • preventative care and after-treatment
  • home visits

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A cancer diagnosis makes an impact on one’s life and leads to pervasive changes on different levels. Within a short period of time many decisions have to be made, and a general feeling of uncertainty prevails. There will likely be changes in one’s professional and social life, physical changes occur or side-effects may arise. All this might affect the psyche.

Psychological Offers

Psychological Coaching

Barbara Handschin offers psychological coaching at caba. We offer 30-minute counseling sessions to all patients interested. The goal is to find the main stressors and to utilize available resources, to re-activate forgotten ones and to illustrate other possibilities, as well as to focus on the "healthy", strong and active parts and aspects in one’s body and life. Many times, those resources are sufficient to cope with those situations. But sometimes they don‘t suffice and one might feel overwhelmed or one doesn‘t have enough social support to handle it alone. Then caba. offers professional help. 

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Our psychotherapist has been supporting clients, couples and family members for years. Her patients either have cancer or other illnesses or are facing it through a partner or family member. Our psychologist’s therapeutic work additionally focuses on those who suffer from anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, or relationship issues. People with post traumatic stress disorder or personality disorders can also find professional help at caba.

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Newest research studies show that movement has a positive effect on quality of life in cancer patients – especially for chronic cancer-related fatigue, depression and anxiety. It also leads to less side-effects during cancer treatment. That’s why we try to add some movement or activites into the treatment plan at caba.
Currently caba. offers Pilates lessons in house. Pilates is open for everybody. 


Pilates is a whole-body workout that strengthens the body, increases flexibility and leads to more organic movement patterns. Posture, coordination, balance and body awareness are all addressed. The goal is to apply these efficient movement patterns to everyday life, sports and other activities. After a lesson, you will feel invigorated, energized, connected to the body, and your mind will be refreshed.
The Pilates method is for every one.


Pilates Offers

Pilates Mat class (max 5 Personen)
Mat exercises are performed with the body resisting gravity, so that muscles are strenghtened, movement is optimized and body awareness is increased.
Once in a while small tools like foam rollers, magic circles, therabands and weights are incorporated into the mat class.

Contact Barbara for more details: kontakt@pilates-psychologie.ch


Pink Ribbon Program (8 week program)
The Pink Ribbon Program is a specific rehabilitation program for women with breast cancer who have had breast surgery. You find more information about the program on the following website: www.pinkribbonprogram.com.

Call or email Barbara Handschin for dates/ times and more information: kontakt@pilates-psychologie.ch

More information about Pilates and Private trainings can be found on Barbara Handschin's personal webpage: www.pilates-psychologie.ch.


Physical Therapy - Craniosacraltherapy

The physical therapist and craniosacraltherapist Caroline Wassermann Deecke rents a room at caba. All information and offers can be found on her personal webpage: www.carolinewassermann.ch